Continuing Education

The AIA recognizes that continuing education in architecture is crucial to advancing and improving the profession. Architects need continuing education to maintain competency, to prepare for the future, to fulfill the continuing education requirements for AIA membership, and frequently to renew state licensure.

The requirement applies to full AIA members only. Associate and Emeritus members are encouraged to participate but are exempt from the requirement. All members are exempt during their first calendar year of membership.

AIA/CES is a continuing education system developed by the AIA to organize and track professional development activities required for AIA membership. AIA/CES enables members to keep current on issues in the field, master new knowledge and skills, plan for the future, and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to a professional architect. By making available learning opportunities in every area of knowledge relevant to today’s architect, the AIA/CES program has grown into a major force in the improvement and revitalization of the architecture profession in the 21st century.

Requirements for Members

To maintain their active status, members are required to earn 18 Learning Units (LUs) per calendar year; of which, 12 LUs must be Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) learning and 6 of the HSW must also qualify for Sustainable Design learning units. Learning Units are measured by hour. The minimum program length is one hour of actual learning time. All states requiring continuing education credits for licensure accept AIA accredited programs. For a more detailed explanation of the program, click here.

AIAU- Online Education

Members who are interested in online learning opportunities are able to access credits through AIAU. This educational opportunity can be accessed at

AIAU features rigorously-curated content for architects, designers, builders, and others working in our diverse and evolving field. These online courses supplement events in your community, giving you learning you can access any time of day, from any place in the world with an Internet connection.